Acoustic Systems Product Data

1. Description

StarSilent seamless acoustical plaster ceiling is comprised of a sound absorbing board that allows jointless areas of up to 1800 square feet. This board is manufactured with 96% recycled glass. The substrate is then coated with StarSilent smooth acoustic fibre-free plaster, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and smooth finish.

2. Uses

StarSilent acoustical plaster system can be used as a finish system for walls and ceilings. The material is recommended for interior use only. Typically, StarSilent is specified for office interiors, lobbies, atriums, natatoriums, gymnasiums and other areas requiring acoustical performance without the look of ceiling grids. The finish is available in white or a wide range of custom colors. It can also be painted without the loss of sound absorbing qualities.

3. Applications

StarSilent acoustical systems are to be installed only by approved StarSilent applicators. An approved applicator list is available through Pyrok Inc. or your local representative.

4. Application Procedures Summary

StarSilent boards are to be mechanically fastened to a rigid framing system. The framing system should include 20 gauge 7/8 framing channels on 16 inch centers and must be approved by the applicator prior to installation of the board system. StarSilent boards are installed in a staggered pattern and are joined together with StarSilent Adhesive. Perimeters of the StarSilent system must not be attached to walls or other surfaces (floating). Light fixtures and other items penetrating the ceiling must be reviewed and approved by the applicator prior to their use and installation in the ceiling. Once the boards are installed then the StarSilent base coat and finish coat plaster can be installed. Drying times for StarSilent Adhesive, StarSilent Base and StarSilent Finish must be adhered to. The StarSilent Adhesive requires overnight drying and the StarSilent Base requires 36 hours dry time before the StarSilent Finish coat can be applied. Minimum temperatures should be maintained at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

5. Architectural Details

Critical Light – StarSilent acoustical systems offer a superior alternative to standard acoustical ceiling systems. With the look of flat plaster or drywall ceilings, the StarSilent acoustic system is a hidden high performance acoustical product. Daylight at the end of a corridor and windows, artificial light sources adjacent to a wall or ceilings are typical issues that should be discussed in the design stage.

Finish Surface – The StarSilent acoustic system provides a smooth and monolithic finish surface. However, one must be aware that the product is a slow setting plaster material applied by hand. Like all plaster materials, small blemishes and trowel marks may be present due to the nature of the product and its hand application. The aggregate in the product is course; therefore edges may have a slightly rougher appearance if examined closely. StarSilent is not a leveling plaster; therefore it will follow the contours of the StarSilent substrate board. If framing systems are not installed level then the board and plaster will conform to the framing system. A tolerance of 3/32 inches in 4 feet is acceptable.

6. Acoustical Performance

The StarSilent Acoustical System is mounted with an air gap to maximize sound absorbing performance. The gap can be as little as ¾ inch (where ceiling heights need to be preserved) to 3 5/8 inches for wall assemblies or greater. The acoustical performance is typically an NRC = 0.55 to 0.80 . Acoustical tests reports are available upon request.

7. Physical Performance

Pyrok StarSilent is the most durable of all the smooth, seamless acoustical plaster systems. It boasts an average compressive strength of over 200psi (ASTM E 761) which cannot be matched by plaster products using a fiberglass base for sound absorption. This makes StarSilent suitable for contact walls and low ceilings. StarSilent has a light reflectance value greater than 74 when tested to ASTM E 1477.

8. Cleaning & Repair

The StarSilent finish can be cleaned by vacuum brushing. Scratches and dents can be repaired but only by an approved StarSilent installer or Pyrok Inc.

9. Warranty

Manufacturer shall warrant the material to be supplied, agreeing to repair / replace that which has cracked, flaked, dusted excessively, peeled or fallen from substrate or otherwise deteriorated to a condition where it would not perform effectively as intended for a sound absorbent purpose; due to defective materials and not due to abuse, improper maintenance, unforeseen ambient exposures or other causes beyond anticipated conditions by the manufacturer. The warranty period will be 5 years from date of substantial completion.