Sample Performance Specifications Section 09220
Seamless Acoustical Plaster System

Part I: General

1.01 Work Included:

A. Furnish all labor, materials, equipment and services necessary to the completion of all field applied acoustical panel system. Extent of work is indicated on drawings.

1.02 Related Work

1.03 Quality Assurance

A. Provide acoustical panels manufactured from recycled crushed glass and coated with plaster finish which has been tested to and achieved the following values:

Test Method / Authority Property Value
ASTM E605 Density 1.8 Lbs./Sq.Ft.
ASTM E84 Surface Burning
15, 15
ASTM C423-84 Sound Absorption NRC = 0.55 – 0.75
ASTM E761 Compression Strength 125 PSI

B. Provide testing results and procedures from an independent and accredited acoustical testing laboratory. Edges of test samples must be sealed with wooden or metal frames.

C. Installer: licensed or approved by manufacturer or distributor.

D. Control Sample: Prior to installation of final coat, apply an area of 15 square feet for approval by architect of finish.

1.04 Submitals

A. Submit manufacturer’s installation instructions & test data substantiating compliance with quality assurance.

B. Submit 3 inch square sample of sprayed on insulation showing texture for approval. Resubmit as required until approved.

C. Submit manufacturer’s written certification that product is 100% free of asbestos, polystyrene and cellulose.

D. Submit certification of applicator licensing.

E. Submit Independent Laboratory test data for specified finish and effect of painting.

1.05 Material Handling

A. Store material in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

1) Store in space where material is well protected from damage, moisture and freezing.

1.06 Warranty

A. Manufacturer shall warrant the material to be supplied, agreeing to repair/replace that which has cracked, flaked, dusted excessively, peeled or fallen from substrate, or otherwise deteriorated to a condition where it would not perform effectively as intended for a sound absorbent purpose; due to defective materials and not due to abuse, improper maintenance, unforeseeable ambient exposures, or other causes beyond anticipated conditions by manufacturer. The warranty period will be 5 years from date of substantial completion.

Part II: Products

2.01 System Description

A. Recycled crushed glass board fastened to ceiling framing.

B. Base coat plaster.

C. Top coat plaster with smooth finish to match submitted sample.

2.02 Materials

A. StarSilent Panel System as supplied by Pyrok Inc., 914-777-7070, 914-277-5135 or approved equal.

B. Finish shall be smooth top finish.

C. Color shall be white (or spray painted in field by others) or custom colored.

Part III: Execution

3.01 Inspection and Preparation

A. Examine all substrate and condition.

B. Building must be fully enclosed and weather tight.

C. Do not apply finish coats when temperatures are below 55° F.

D. Perform all patching and repairing of material required to be done due to cutting, etc. by other trades.

3.02 Application

A. Apply in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions:

1) Install 1 ˝ inch cold rolled channel on 4 foot centers and 20 gauge 7/8 inch hot channel on 16 inch centers.
2) Fasten StarSilent panels to ceiling framing.
3) Apply StarSilent fix to panel edges and over fasteners.
4) Sand over fasteners and panel seams.
5) Apply StarSilent Top Basic over entire surface.
6) Apply StarSilent Top Finish over entire surface and trowel to smooth plaster finish.

B. Coordinate work with other trades when work may be affected or have an impact on the installation.

3.03 Cleaning and Patching

A. Remove fall out material immediately upon completion of the work in each area. Clean surfaces to remove evidence of soiling. Repair or replace damaged work surfaces to acceptable conditions.

B. Coordinate work with other work, to minimize possibility of damage to system resulting from performance of subsequent work. As other units of work are completed in each area, patch damaged areas or surfaces of insulation by patching procedures as required to provide acceptable results.

C. Provide natural or mechanical ventilation as required to properly cure the acoustical finish installation.

D. Dispose of all waste materials in a proper and legal manner.