StarSilent Components


StarSilent Panel: Utilized in most interior configurations. 5/8" (15 mm) thickness and 47.25" X 94.5" (1.2m X 2.4m)

StarSilent panel Alumi: The StarSilent panel with an aluminum film backing is utilized for the following conditions:
• Used where a common plenum return where air may be drawn through the panel.
• Used in high humidity areas such as swimming pool areas and protected exteriors.
• Used sometimes where the other side of the assembly is an exterior wall or underside of roof. Contact Pyrok Inc. for details

StarSilent Cool: The StarSilent panel incorporates room cooling and heating.

StarSilent Atec Panel: The panel is 1" (25mm) thick and 24.5" X 47.25" (62.23cm X 120.0cm) and is used when the highest performing acoustical valves are required.

StarSilent Atec Alumi: The StarSilent Atec panel with an aluminum film backing is utilized for the same conditions as the StarSilent panel Alumi.

StarSilent Adhesive: The adhesive is used to glue the edge of the StarSilent panels together and to spread over the screw head fastening the boards to the framing.

StarSilent Bast Coat Plaster: The first coat of plaster that is applied over the StarSilent panels. It is slightly coarser than the StarSilent finish plaster. The base coat plaster can be left as the finish if this level of finish is desired.

StarSilent Finish Plaster: The StarSilent smooth finish.

StarSilent Foam Tape: The tape is utilized at edges where the design calls for the panels to be brought up to the walls.

Edge Beads/Trims: Contact Pyrok Inc. for recommended edge beads and trims.