The StarSilent System

The StarSilent system utilizes a sound board, which is made up of 96% post consumer recycled crushed glass bottles. The boards are attached to rigid metal framing with drywall screws. The edges of the boards are glued together using a special adhesive, which is also spread over the screw heads. After light sanding, the boards are first coated with a base coat plaster that requires a minimum of 36 hours to dry. The finish coat plaster is then applied to achieve a smooth seamless sound absorbing plaster wall or ceiling.


• No gypsum board substrate is required.

• Holes can be cut directly in the StarSilent board with standard tools (rotozip). Other products require ceiling penetrations to be boxed out with additional layers of drywall. There is potential for a telegraphing line between the drywall and these other product acoustical pads. Also the areas around these ceiling penetrations (lights, diffusers, sprinklers) are no longer sound absorbing.

• It can be used on contact walls. We recommend that stud spacing on walls below 6 foot height be eight inches on center. Other seamless systems are also subject to damage and costly repairs on low ceilings in public areas.

• The StarSilent plasters are spread over the rigid StarSilent board. The levelness of the finish is superior to other systems, which the plasters are toweled over resilient fiberglass panels.

• It can be painted without loss of its sound absorbing quality. The paint must be spray applied in two light/fog coats from a distance of 24 inches. Painting must be done with a light/fog coats as excessive painting can highlight micro textures in plaster finish. We are presently working on integral coloring the StarSilent plaster.

• It has extremely low VOC content (almost zero) and the highest percentage of recycled
content of any smooth seamless acoustic plaster system.

• It can be integrated with a radiant heating and cooling system.

• It is the most installer friendly of any smooth seamless acoustic plaster system.

• Pyrok Inc. is present onsite to assist it’s installers with their installations. Pyrok Inc. offers
a 5 year warranty.

  1. Galvanised steel concealed suspended ceiling grid
  2. StarSilent Panel
  3. Connection of the acoustic Panel
  4. Acoustically transparent decorative top coat